My pickup is set, but I need to reschedule. Help!

If your pickup is not the following day, you can reschedule! Click 'My Account'-'My Listings' and click 'My Sold Items' on the following page. Scroll to your transaction and click 'View pick up date.'Reschedule by clicking 'Select new pickup date/ time' and propose new dates from there. See our video below!

If your pickup is within 24 hours, this gets tricky. We've already added this delivery to the route tomorrow, and we've sent the buyer a delivery reminder. Plus, there's no guarantee the buyer will want to reschedule since buyers plan well in advance to be available for their delivery. Is there any way you can be available for the pickup tomorrow or have someone take your place- whether it's a friend/family member/neighbor/doorman? Customers must be available for their entire time window since we have multiple deliveries, but our delivery team will contact you 15-45 min before arriving. We can add additional contact information to your account if you have multiple people covering.

If none of these options work, then we can reach out to the buyer to see if they can reschedule. They may ask to be compensated the delivery fee or cancel the sale.

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