The item I purchased does not match the listing, what are my options?

If your item arrives and it doesn't match the listing in condition, brand, size, or authenticity, just let us know. You qualify for a full refund.

Please file a dispute/return request us within 24 hours after your item is delivered with evidence of the discrepancies.

You'll need to file the dispute request within 24 hours of delivery

We cannot hold sellers accountable for any discrepancies to the item if you try to request a dispute after the 24-hour window expires. Once a dispute request is submitted, we hold the while we investigate the request. If a dispute request is not submitted within the 24 hour post delivery timeframe the seller's sale proceeds are sent to them.

Here is how to file a dispute:

Login to your account and navigate to "My Purchase History". You should see a button "Submit a return", click on it and fill out the necessary information. Even if you're not looking to return the item but interested in a partial refund, please fill out the form. The button will only be accessible within 24 hours of delivery, after that point it's automatically deactivated by our system.

How long does it take to finalize the dispute request?

Our team will review all evidence from the delivery team, seller and buyer to reach a conclusion that’s fair to all parties. It typically takes seven to ten business days to finalize the dispute request.

For more information, review our money back guarantee page

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