What happens if the item doesn't match the listing at pickup?

If our team arrives at the seller's location and notices additional blemishes or different measurements, they'll notify the buyer of the discrepancy. This means:

We'll send photos to your email.

You'll receive an email with a description of the issues and photos. Please review the photos and or information that is attached and let us know how you would like to proceed with delivery. Our dispatcher will call and text as well, since the team is on location.

Decide how you want to proceed

We understand this is short notice. However, you have three options once an item is flagged as being not as described:

  • Accept the item and proceed with delivery
  • Reject the item and cancel the sale
  • Request a discount from the seller

If you opt to cancel, there's no penalty and you'll be refunded in full.

To negotiate a discount, you'll need to speak with our dispatcher, who will propose this to the seller on your behalf. We typically ask for an acceptable range to speed up the process.

If you choose to accept the item in the condition presented (blemishes, scratches, incorrect dimensions), this item will not be eligible for return or refund on the basis of those conditions. 

What if we can't reach you?

Unfortunately, if we aren't able to reach you within 20 minutes of notification, our teams aren't able to wait. We have a full day of deliveries scheduled, so our team will go ahead with pickup and your delivery will proceed as scheduled. 

If you feel that the item isn't as described and would like to request a discount or a full return, you will be able to file a return request within 24 hours of delivery. From there, our customer service team will take over and mediate this dispute.

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