I missed my delivery - what do I do?

If we arrive at your location and aren' able to reach you OR are denied entrance to your building, our team will notify our dispatcher. We'll do our best to resolve the situation as quickly as possible to ensure that delivery can take place.

If we're not able to reach a resolution within 20 minutes, our team will have to continue on with their deliveries and this delivery will have to be reschedule for a later date. We'll take the item to our warehouse for storage. We'll make good faith efforts to reach you - calling, texting, emailing, speaking with your doorman, etc.

If you're not available during your window or your building denies entrance during your window, we will charge a redelivery fee (equal to the cost of delivery originally). Because we'll need to pay our delivery teams twice as well as our warehouse staff for unexpected storage, we aren't able to waive this fee. However, if we're at fault, no fee will apply.

Please make sure to check your building's hours for deliveries. If your building only allows delivery from 9AM - 5PM, a window of 3PM - 7PM will not work for you.

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