How does pickup and delivery work?

If a buyer chooses to have their item delivered, we’ll pick up/deliver the item on the date(s) the seller/buyer agreed to.

Our delivery team will notify customers by phone that they're on their way 15 - 45 minutes before arriving. At pickup, our delivery team will:

  • View the item for accuracy and authenticity vs. the listing
  • Ensure the measurements are correct
  • Inspect for cleanliness
  • Take photos to validate the condition of the item
  • Wrap and cover the item for delivery to its new home
  • If the delivery team notices a potential discrepancy with the item’s condition, they will reach out to the the AptDeco team and buyer to gain approval for delivery.

Once the item is verified, our delivery team will perform any necessary disassembly, wrap, cover and deliver the item to the buyer.

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