Do I have to disassemble my item?

For AptDeco Deliveries, we ask that you please do NOT disassemble your item before pickup! If your item requires light disassembly in order to be removed from your home, the delivery team will disassemble the item for you at time of pickup. It’s important that they do so as it will help them understand how to reassemble the item quickly at the buyer’s location.

If your item is already disassembled at pickup, the delivery team will alert the buyer to confirm that they’re willing to accept the item in good faith. They may opt to cancel at that point. Once we take the item, you as a seller will assume full responsibility if any pieces, screws, and/or tools are missing.

Have an item being picked up by our white glove delivery partner? Please note that pickups through our partner do not include disassembly. If your item requires light disassembly in order to be removed from your home (for example: removing legs from a sofa, removing the base from a table, etc.), this will have to be done before pickup. From there, our delivery partner will pick up all pieces including hardware and proceed with the delivery of the item "as is" to the buyer.

Pickups and deliveries being fulfilled by our white glove delivery partner do not include disassembly and reassembly.

In the case that your item requires more complex disassembly/reassembly, please read about that process here.

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