What Happens After I Submit A Purchase Request?

Once you submit a purchase request, we’ll notify the seller via email. Your payment is authorized, but held in escrow pending the seller’s confirmation. The seller has 36 hours to confirm your purchase. Once the seller confirms, we'll process your payment. If the seller doesn’t confirm the request within this time frame, we'll cancel the sale and release the hold on your account. You’ll be refunded in full. 

After checkout, you’ll propose three possible delivery dates and time windows to the seller. Once the seller confirms the purchase request, they can either confirm one of the dates you selected or propose additional pickup/delivery dates. Once both parties are in agreement, we’ll proceed to schedule the pickup and delivery in our system.

If you choose to pick up an item yourself, we’ll provide you and the seller with each other’s contact information once the sale is confirmed. You'll coordinate from there.

Checkout our how AptDeco works page for more details.

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