My delivery is set, but I need to reschedule! How do I do this?

If your delivery is not the following day. you can reschedule! Click 'My Account'-'My Purchase History.' Scroll to your order and click 'Manage Order.' You can propose new dates there. You can also view how to reschedule below. If you don't have an account, please create one and you'll be able to reschedule once you are signed in.

Are you within 24 hours of your delivery? At this point, we've sent a reminder to the seller confirming their pickup for the following day. We've also finalized our route for tomorrow, so we'll still need to pick up your item.

Is there anyone who can take your place for a delivery- whether it be a friend/family member/neighbor/doorman? You must be available for their entire time window since we have multiple deliveries, but we'll notify you 15-45 min before arriving via text. We can also include any additional contact information in your transaction notes so that our team is aware.

If none of these options are possible, then we'll have to charge you $25 for storage and deliver the item on another day.

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