I just purchased an item, but I've changed my mind and no longer want it. Can I cancel the sale?

We only provide buyers a return/refund if the item is wrong/missing/doesn't match the listing, which is stated in our Money-Back Guarantee Policy. Buying on AptDeco is first-come, first-serve. Once a buyer submits a Purchase Request, the seller's item is removed from the site. They're unable to sell the item to anyone else given your commitment, and there's no guarantee that their item will sell again, which is problematic because they're often under a time crunch (ex. moving).

However, you can re-list/sell your item on AptDeco for the price the item it was listed for on AptDeco, and we'll waive our fees once the items sells.

Please review our Returns & Refund policy to understand instances where we provide a return/refund to buyers.

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