How do I make an offer?

On our platform, you can absolutely make an offer on a listing. To make an offer, please head to the listing page and click the Make an Offer button. From there, you will be able to enter in a proposed amount and proceed to a checkout flow where you enter your payment details and delivery information. This will trigger a notification to the seller which includes your offer.

If the seller agrees to the offer, you will be alerted via email and the offer will turn into a purchase request where you will be prompted to enter in delivery dates/times for the item. If the seller is unresponsive, the offer will automatically expire after 36 hours. In addition, you can check the status of your offers anytime by navigating to the Offers tab under your account.

If an offer has been declined/expired, the hold will drop off your payment method in the form of a reversal. In the case of a reversal, you won't see a refund credit on their statement—you'll just see the original authorization drop off your statement entirely after a few days. There will be no payment and no refund. It'll appear as if the whole transaction never happened. Depending on your card issuer, the original charge should have disappeared from your pending charges within 7-10 business days.

Feel free to reach out to our support team at if you have any additional questions or concerns!

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