How can I make sure my furniture fits in my building/apartment?

Not all sofas are made equal! New York is a city of creative housing and tiny stairwells - there's a reason there is an industry of Sofa Doctors (yes, really!).

You’ll need a measuring tape and a few minutes, but trust us, making sure an item fits is well worth it. Take the time to review the measurements of the item you're getting and compare them to the space that you have at home.

  1. First, check your hallway width and height and door width and height.
  2. Second, check your stairs and/or elevator. If you have narrow stairs with tight turns, it’s important to check the depth to ensure that your furniture will be able to make that turn.
  3. Third, check the depth of your entryway - if you have any walls directly in front of the entry door, it’s important to verify that the item will be able to enter your apartment. It's recommended to verify that the width of the entryway exceeds either the item's depth, diagonal depth or height.

Not sure if the item can come apart? It's always best to ask - message the seller and make sure you have the most accurate information about your new item. Need more information on what our teams are capable of? Find that here.

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